MicroSoft is Making Business Meetings “Smarter” with Its AI-Powered Device

Changing Dynamics Of Meetings

Isn’t it hectic sometimes to take minutes of the meeting? Or keep track of people? Microsoft has helped purge with traditional meeting environment and changed the dynamics of conducting meetings. You don’t have to write each and every spoken word in the meeting anymore as MicroSoft’s pyramid-like, black small device is waiting for you at table and is going to be your future minute-taker.

In its annual developers build conference, MicroSoft provided a sneak-peek of their yet another amazing hardware prototype, having their next big step in AI enabled world. A cone shaped device will now be making use of face and voice recognition to trace and transcribe each and every word you utter during a meeting.

How It Works

It incorporates a 360 degree camera and a fully powered microphone that allows it to recognize all the participants present in the meeting and record their facial expressions along with whatever they say. Not only this, it greets them aloud, once they enter the room. It also notes down follow-up items automatically, in a separate box, once someone uses the word “follow-up” in a sentence. Its microphones enable a real-time transcription, all of which is then shared to concerned stakeholders through efficient integration with “TEAMS” — which is MicroSoft’s version as a Slack’s competitor, to ensure complete dispersion of important insights and data gathered during a meeting.

It also syncs with MicroSoft’s Cortana to arrange for meeting spaces or rooms available and invite required people. It seems to be a complete tool as it allows the transcription into multiple languages. So even if your are having a meeting involving people from different locations, dont worry! This device will provide translation too.


This is, no doubt ,a futuristic device that is capable of benefiting many in the future. It will be of great help to hearing impaired people in an organization or if meeting is arranged with these people as they will now be aware of what’s happening and completely interact in the meetings.

It also allows for seamless communication among peers and rapid dispersion,as data will be shared across departments in real-time.

Furthermore, it will allow more professional and value-adding discussions during the meeting, as it will also note down, if you crack a joke or have lighter-mode communications.   


Thus, pondering upon the fact that it will be a progressive advancement towards making interfaces more human friendly, it is definitely going to let people experience the novelty in business meetings.