Unfolding the Evolution of Mobile Apps

Have you ever thought about how the concept of using mobile applications have become so important over the period of time?

There was a time when there were no app store or play store and now it has become an essential part of our life. How has this all started? How it evolved over time?

With an increase in the use of smartphones, the need to use these basic applications also gained importance.

Starting off with the basic applications like monthly Calendar, a calculator or simple java games, it evolved to advanced gaming applications like Temple run, angry birds and so on; social networking applications like Facebook, Instagram etc and messaging apps like WhatsApp and messenger etc.

Things you will find in this infographic:

  • How the concept of Mobile applications came into being
  • How the popularity of these apps grew over time
  • What are the apps that marked the real success of the Mobile App market

Evolution Of Mobile Apps

This process of evolution does not end here. As more and more applications are coming in, it is most likely that the popularity and dependence on these applications will further accelerate. The creativity inspired process of these mobile application development will also be influencing the design and format of smartphones. Therefore, since there is a paradigm shift, users are more inclined towards mobile UX rather than those octacore processors, gigabytes of RAM and extra camera modules, which is dependent on these applications.