Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This section highlights the general terms and conditions of the usage of these website and services offered by it. Please read the following terms and conditions in order to be better equipped legally.

Under this section, the term user will mean any person that actually views or browse through the website and once they make a purchase, they will be called as customers.

Content in this website means any text, images, videos, graphics or audio files, software or any file that is capable to be stored on a computer or which forms this website.

This website contains content that is owned or licensed to us which may not be used by any other party. This includes the layout, design, interface, look or graphics.

Unauthorized use of this website may be regarded as a criminal offense and will be dealt for in accordance with respective laws.

A website may or may not include links to other websites. ZIN does not endorse those websites and will not be responsible for any content present on that website as these links are only provided to make it convenient for you.

Any dispute that may arise because of your use of this website will be subject to legal action in the future.

GDPR compliance

We do comply with the new rules set by GDPR for the terms of website use in the following ways:

  • Right of access

In compliance with GDPR, ZIN gives rights to individuals to access their personal information and how or what category of it is being processed.

  • Consent

We ensure the disclosure of complete information concerning you and seek your consent before making use of your information and provide you with complete contact details in case you have issues with our privacy policy, using cookies or terms of use.

  • Records of processing activity

Records of processing are maintained by the company including the purpose and categories of processing to be made available for supervisory authorities on request.

  • A right of data to be erased

Complying to the GDPR act, users are given right to erase the data provided to the company any time under certain circumstances.

  • Data Breaches

We will take following actions in case data breach occurs:

  1. notify the supervisory authority without undue delay unless the breach is unlikely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of the individuals
  2. We will notify the users via email within 30 business days
  • Data portability

We allow you to have access over the data that is concerning you and you may share it with any other controller.

  • Privacy by design

We effectively make use of relevant technical and organizational measures to ensure the exercise of these regulations and protect the data as we adhere to the practice of using the data only for our professional purposes and serving you in best possible manner and not for personal use and we intend to have limited access to your personal information.