Interacting With Friends In Facebook’s VR Spaces Is Something You Can Awe About!

How does it actually feel to not only hangout with friends outside home, but also stay connected virtually inside home or may be in office? Facebook is making it possible through its new milestone “ facebook spaces”.


Whether you are in office and wanna meet your friends right at that point in time, or you have to hangout with your friend living in some other part of the world or maybe you are a student and can’t just understand a specific math problem and want assistance from your teacher instantaneously. All of this is NOW possible with Facebook Spaces.

Build Avatar

Facebook’s I/O developers conference 2018, unveiled yet another feature added to social networking website, wherein, you create your personalized avatar, which may look exactly like you,  in a virtual space in accordance with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It is still in beta version but does support your facial expressions, your body movements and let you make an eye contact as well.

Invite & Interact With Friends

After creating your life-like avatar in Facebook Space, you can invite friends from whichever place you want to and hangout with them in real-time. You can draw 3D drawings together and share it with each other. You can also share your memories with them. We do have friends with whom we open up our phone’s gallery and share the memories, once they come over. Facebook spaces provides you with the same experience. Instead, Your friend just comes over in Virtual space. You may now have a sleepover (which is basically not a sleepover anyways) with three of your friends, even if some of them are not in the same country or you may now relive your old experiences, all you need to have is Oculus Rift.

No Oculus Rift?

What if any of your friend does not have the device? Not to worry, you may still connect with them through Facebook’s Live Video. So for example, you and your friend (non-oculus user) wants to learn about that math problem you were having from another friend, night before the exam, invite that friend in VR space where your friend may use the whiteboard or solve the problem on page and your Non-Oculus friend may follow up on Live video. Isn’t it amazing?

Not only this, you can also connect with your friends while making or receiving Facebook messenger video calls even if they are not in VR. you may take selfies and enjoy and share your moments in VR on facebook with other friends.  


Facebook is absolutely,continuously pathing its way out to connect people, no matter how far they live from each other and no matter what platform they are meeting in. Moving from a simple newsfeed to virtual reality spaces, facebook has, thus, by far, revolutionized the lives of many people.