Offering Dedicated Developers: Things You Need To Know

Business processes are improving rapidly in recent years. Not all organizations meet these improvements and thus needs the dedicated developers.

Considering this gap between rising technologies and technical know-how to integrate these technologies lead to the new concept of “Dedicated Resources”. Many companies are now offering their expertise to those companies who aim to have these developments in their processes.

This resource can be in any form that the client demands but most of the time they look for an individual who has the right knowledge and expertise to get the task done.

There are some facts that these outsourcing companies, need to know while building, managing and making their dedicated teams effective.

Dedicated Developers

There are a number of resource outsourcing options but most companies tend to offer human resources. While building these dedicated developers team, it follows a process mentioned below:

It goes through the process, which starts with “Contacting the developer”. It involves mentioning all the requirements of these client firms. For instance, the resources, frameworks, number of members and technologies required etc.

In its next stage, the outsourcing company matches with all these requirements and arrange for some resources. Or otherwise, discuss all the resources available with the client company to get the work done.

In the next stage, they hire developers. Here the outsourcing provider will further assess the available team of individuals perfect for the work assigned.

The last stage involves managing and scaling these teams when the work is started.

Management Models

Establishing dedicated developers team may involve following models:


This approach involves a team who works on a given project under the client’s management. Here the team can have face-to-face interactions with the client or the project manager from the client’s side. It is considered an effective approach, as there is close contact with the client.


This approach involves a team of dedicated developers working in an off-site destination, over a project. The client may visit the off-site location to keep track of the work. They tend to provide all their requirements to the team and trust them with its completion. Meanwhile, the team is required to connect with a client for updates. The outsourcing company would supervise only the end product/service.

On-site by management

Here the outsourcing provider offers the project manager to sit along with the development team, who is responsible for handling the entire project and keeps in touch with the client for updating them and serve to the changing requirements.

Ensuring Team Efficiency

It is important for an outsourcing firm to think about ways to increase the efficiency of its dedicated team. Following are some of the ways in this regard:

Using Iterations

Deliver the project in repetitions to achieve team effectiveness. Using iterations allows you to not only divide the project into easily achievable tasks but also to look for possible timeline and costs associated. The delivery of the work in modules also helps in building up the client’s trust as they see work happening.

Communication With Teams

Communicate with your team within these iterations and provide constant guidance if they are having any issue in between. This will allow them to constantly improve and deliver the best.

Empower The Team

To let your team work more efficiently, provide your team with all the relevant information on time. Using techniques like scrum would add value to this, as it would allow for more information spreading.


Hence, as the technological needs of businesses are growing, resource outsourcing has gained much importance. There are businesses that do not have enough resources or have time constraints to carry out every task in-house. Such companies try to outsource it to other expert companies or individuals.

These dedicated developers, however, help in streamlining the tasks for their clients in real-time and in a cost-effective manner. Whereas, for the outsourcing provider, it is important to consider some important things while offering such services, as stated in this article.