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IoT / M2M

Do you want a helping hand to design and develop IoT/M2M platform to streamline your business processes? Well, ZIN prides in developing two award-winning IoT/M2M platforms for leading companies i.e. KORE (Wyless) and T-Mobile USA.

Our Core team can develop a scalable base to support web-based IoT applications along with providing end-to-end IoT/M2M solutions for all your IoT needs.


However, if you want to take your first step to an IoT world, take it with ZIN. We assure you a perfectly designed IoT/M2M infrastructure that supports efficient information exchange between connected devices. Also, let us align your SIM lifecycle management with your core processes so that you can enjoy complete operational excellence. The steps include:

IoT Strategy & Consulting
App UI & UX Design
App Engineering, Platform Design, & Development
Data Gathering, Storage, & Processing


We offer a range of IoT/M2M solutions to craft your perfect connected world. whether you want IoT/M2M applications or want to manage your distributed system of devices through embedded sensors. ZIN simplifies all your complex business operations and provides an ideal cloud-based environment.

Subscription Management

So, if you are having issues with client subscription management or facing problem in managing your prepaid or postpaid billing systems, ZIN is the right choice for you. Whether its the trial subscription or flexible plans management, ZIN have efficient subscription management tools to provide error-free billing



A robust billing engine supporting multiple Mobile Network Operator’s feeds for both GSM as well as GPRS types is the need of the time. If you have not upgraded your billing system yet, trust us and we will make sure that every chord is touched with greater ease of operation.


Asset Management & Optimization

  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your IoT resources with integrated cloud platform
  • In addition to optimizing asset functionality, reduce operational costs and

Connected Platform & Experiences

  • Ability to handle data across different channels and devices.
  • Device management, maintenance, automation and monitoring from a single platform
  • Deliver flexibility, reliability, and scalability 

Process Automation

  • Enhance traditional Programmable Logic Controller and Distributed Control Systems
  • Real-time data analytics to achieve operational excellence
  • Sensors for edge computing devices, gateways, and cloud-based engineering for seamless connectivity.

Smart Monitoring

  • Provide real time alerts to detect and solve hardware failures
  • Monitor network performance to make improvements.
  • Gather valuable insights from connected devices to improve resource utilization.


HLR & OSS/BSS Integrations

Is your system only connected to the billing platform of the telecom operator? Then it’s only giving you a partial information. Integrate HLR with the mobile network operator’s (MNO) system as well. Our team will help you in creating APIs for MNO, as well as AWS. Similarly, they also help in integrating MNOs HLR to your OSS/BSS platform.



Do you know? we are a pioneer in developing an eSIM solution for one of our leading customers. So, if you want to deliver the benefits of low-cost voice, SMS and data to your customers then let us develop an eSIM for you. These eSIM chips are pre-configured with multiple SIM and carrier profiles so that your user can switch to local carrier virtual SIM.



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