Wyless AWS Migration

Case Study


Wyless empower businesses to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Their unparalleled reach is delivered through their 20+ MNO partners across the globe. They connect millions of devices around the world with their leading technology, providing guaranteed costs, visibility and control of customer mission-critical applications.
They offer SIM, eSim, Multi-IMSI, and Core Multiple Network capabilities deployed through Data Centres located in different locations across continents and with their collaborative team of experts ready to help their customers succeed in their businesses operations. Their comprehensive services deliver 24/7/365 support and monitoring of customer devices through their global service centers.


Due to its ever-increasing customers and connections, Wyless required more scalability and efficiency but definitely at a cheaper cost. Usage records & calculations for more than 2 million connections does not reside in a gigabyte of space, it requires terabytes of space.
Where connectivity is the key to your success or failure in business, you don’t want your machines to be responsible for the slow response. Wyless had all of its servers managed at another hosting. Ex-Hosting became non-scalable to support the ever-expanding needs of expansion Wyless required. But moving instance from Ex-hosting was the biggest challenge.
Wyless had issues of stability, network availability, scalability & OS. Resulting in not able to scale up the resources like Disk, CPU, and Ram without incurring downtime.


Wyless made a decision to move its infrastructure from Ex-Hosting to AWS. In order to make sure nothing is affected, this transition had to be smooth. ZIN technologies took up the challenge to migrate Wyless servers from Ex-Hosting to AWS and made sure it happen seamlessly.
Amazon E2C services were acquired by Wyless. ZIN Technologies deployed a team of professionals who completed this task seamlessly by managing backups, Db configurations, AWS servers configurations, replication configurations & DTC configurations.
ZIN did all the Database configurations on AWS servers, all the replications were configured and initialized by ZIN Technologies. Server level configurations and DTC configurations were also done by ZIN Technologies.


Seamless transition of 5 production servers having more than 10 TB of data in total was a Big relief for Wyless. Working in IoT one of the biggest challenge is connectivity, it should not be lost.
All the efforts made by ZIN Technologies resulted in successful migration without affecting connectivity and any other issues.

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