MegaPath Watchdog

Case Study

MegaPath Watchdog

MegaPath is a leading nationwide provider of integrated voice and data communications, offering DSL, voice over IP, T1, broadband wireless, web hosting, and managed security services.
The company owns and operates one of the largest national broadband networks and provides high-bandwidth access for telecommunications services providers such as AT&T, EarthLink, Verizon, Megapath, Best Buy/Speakeasy, and United Online.


MegaPath is offering a wide range of services to more than 500,000 of its customers. Having the majority of broadband solutions MegaPath required functionality which could trigger actions based on events.
MegaPath was in need of an automated solution to perform all of these actions by itself when required which could be either to move a SIM/CDMA to another plan or to suspend a connection upon reaching specific usage and restore by itself on the start of the new billing cycle. To built such a system in-house was too expensive and time-consuming.


ZIN Technologies offered a perfect feature call ‘Watchdog’ using Porthos. Watchdog is a real-time event-driven solution. The company can add SIMs/CDMAs based on either all connections for one contractor all connections for a particular plan or all connections for a specific operator or all connections for a specific label on SIMs thus providing a greater control on how & when to apply/trigger any action.
Upon selection of particular connections, a selection can then be made on which event the trigger should happen. It can be either based on specific data limit if it reaches below or beyond defined data limit in either a day or a week or fortnightly or a month. Another trigger can be geofencing i.e. if a connection goes inside specific countries or goes outside of mentioned countries then action can be taken. A third trigger that can be applied to data session monitoring. If a connection remains connected below or beyond given session limit it should take an action.
Eventually, when the given trigger is fired, it can perform multiple actions based on a selection. A connection can either be suspended if any of the four above mentioned actions are triggered and restored on the start of the next billing cycle. Similarly, a connection can be moved to a higher rate plan upon reaching beyond the mentioned data limit. And last but not the least watchdog can simply send a notification as well without performing any action.


A fully automated solution saves a lot of time, effort and manpower by performing every action on its own and just notifying them.
Megapath receives a notification email every day with the information on all connections against which any trigger got fired and actions were taken. Megapath is not worried about overages on connections anymore.

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