Our Offerings

Think through new dimensions to transform your business processes with our custom-made portfolio of enterprise solutions. Our engineered teams and technical expertise enables you to completely automate your business to make the best of it.

API Development

Looking for professionals to design an Application Programming Interface (API), so that you have all the building blocks in place to develop a software? ZIN have them for you.

Single Page Application

Need the expertise to design most responsive and interactive Single-page applications or websites? ZIN offers you custom-made applications that match exactly to your enterprise needs.

Third-Party Integration

We, at ZIN, develop customized enterprise software by integrating third-party tools and applications so that you get all the experts under one roof and streamline your business processes.

Stay In Touch With Tomorrow

In addition to moving towards complete digitalization, it’s high time to transform your traditional business processes into automated ones.  Considering the rapid technological advancements, ZIN helps you take a wisp of future through our efficiently designed enterprise solutions so that your transformation road is made simpler.


So do you wish to make use of the recent technologies prevalent in the industry? Of course, ZIN is there for you. We provide you with an absolute platform to take advantage of the following technologies and transform your business completely.


Augmented Reality

Owing to the immersive technologies, ZIN holds the ability to design most interactive apps having computer-generated sensory inputs like sound, video, graphics that extends the elements in the real environment.


Cloud Computing

Need to manage and monitor your cloud-based resources? We, at ZIN, intend to improve your business processes by providing you with cloud-based solutions so you enjoy complete operational excellence.

Artificial Intelligence

Need to extend human intelligence with Artificial one? ZIN provides a knowledge-based AI platform to bring together computer learning and enterprise needs to drive an absolute business innovation.


How We Help

Do you want solutions for all your enterprise needs under one roof? whether its development or maintenance, or restructuring and consultation, we are here to help.

Application Development

You will not only get innovative applications developed for your business, but we also tend to redefine our offerings by continually updating it according to changing hardware and software needs

Application Modernization

Besides enabling the development and deployment of enterprise applications, ZIN holds the ability and tools to consolidate and enhance your legacy applications and software to ensure complete agility.

Technology Consultant

Need an advice or partner to walk you through technology innovation? therefore, ZIN lets you achieve your business goals and optimize your systems and methodologies through our specialized consultants.

How We Can Help

  • Build most interactive applications
  • Integrate third-party tools
  • Provide reliable cloud-based resources
  • Supports App modernization

Why Work With ZIN

  • One stop shop for all Enterprise solutions
  • Top notch collaborations
  • More than 10 years of profitable growth
  • Best experts and professionals


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