GreenRoad Self Serve

Case Study


GreenRoad helps businesses run safer, more efficient and profitable fleets that tread more lightly on the planet. GreenRoad was founded in 2004 to apply advanced mathematical modeling and cutting-edge technology to the problem of accurately predicting and intercepting risky driving.
Their driver and fleet performance management solution engage drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping, and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations.


GreenRoad is in a business of fleets and day to day operations are very critical for them. They needed a system using which they can perform real-time provisioning functions quickly.
Requesting new SIMs, activating the SIMs in hand or disconnect the SIMs in use to stop the stolen vehicles were some of the challenges they faced. To be successful in their business they were looking for a system that can enable them to perform these operations quickly and in real time.


ZIN Technologies offered a brand new user interface, completely redesigned with improved navigation and a cleaner, clearer display of information using Porthos. A redesigned activations and provisioning system that enable “self-serve” end-user activations across multiple GSM and CDMA operators for enterprise partners, improving efficiency and customer convenience while reducing management overheads.
Self Serve to save time and money with Porthos provisioning features that allow users to order new SIMs, activate connections, as well as suspend and restore existing connections without ever picking up the phone. They can also create support tickets via Porthos, which will go directly through to our 3 tiers of global, multi-lingual support teams – available 24/7/365.


GreenRoad saved time and cost by moving to new interface offered by ZIN Technologies. They can now easily order new connections, activate any of the existing connections shipped to them and along with it perform all other provisioning functions directly by themselves.
They can now manage more fleets with less manpower and have increased productivity. GreenRoad has given access to multiple users with a restricted role for each, using which they can perform their required actions only and other functions remain invisible to them.

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