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    Our services and products are deployed at some of the world's largest companies

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Welcome to ZIN Technologies

Every business needs to work in a harmony of processes generating effective revenue. ZIN Technologies brings in a valued customer experience as a technology development gateway that collaborates with companies to produce innovative business solutions and services that solve challenging business problems.

We have been functional since 2007, & attracted industries from health to telecom and from banking to international business partners.  We equip our customers with high quality and cutting edge solutions; fulfilling global market needs through efficient and reliable outsourcing, consulting and technology solutions.

What makes us stand out is way we fit in the shoes of our clients and understand their unique requirements to uncover opportunities and offer solutions which make the best match.

People at ZIN Technologies believe in innovation that requires deep insight, the right set of skills, strong collaboration and coordinated efforts; on top of it – more than sketching a smart idea.

The integral acknowledgment of our success belongs to our company’s management, our robust internal processes & virtual workforce.  We deem in dynamism of workforce to make the best fit and leading to revolutionary solutions in the continuum of technology.

We achieve goals without being physically located at your place of business with one objective – offer services that our clients can rely on.

Our services and products are deployed at some of the world’s largest companies while our expertise lay in Systems Management, Embedded Design, Mobile Applications, GIS Driven Systems, Web Applications and Enterprise Workflow Solutions.


Our Mission

To build a market innovative & affordable automated solutions that drives our business success. To fulfill this extent, we continually develop evolutionary technology building blocks, communicate with our customers, & retain our workforce for outsourcing & consultancy.

We nurture blends of corporate and enterprise culture with the help of our virtual team who are driven to “make things happen”.


“Provide Innovating modern business automation solutions around the globe through consistency and robust business process.”